Welcome to your Sunnyside Elementary. We believe that nothing is more important than giving a child the best education available.  The dedicated teachers and staff at Sunnyside have committed themselves to providing your children with a nurturing environment where they can not only learn, but excel. We'll help your child reach his or her full potential as a student and, more importantly, as a human being.

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Student of the Month
Eric Thibideau is in 5th grade in Mrs. Weaver's class, where he recently completed his complete study of birds smaller than his thumb. He found two, a pair of Allen's Hummingbirds nesting in his mother's backyard, and wrote a detailed report on them for extra credit, chronicling their feeding and nesting habits for two months. Mrs. Weaver entered his report in the writing contest for this year's Tri-Forest area Science Fair, and Eric won 3rd prize. Way to go Eric!
To give children the education they need to grow academically and as good citizens, we strive to provide a quality educational program to motivate and challenge each student, while providing for individual needs.

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Our Mission
With student help, we publish the Sunnyside Press, a monthly newsletter that we use to keep our families up to date on the latest news and activities at our school.

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